Sunday, April 28, 2013

Over The Knee Jackboot Paddle

by Raging Stallion

The Jackboot over the knee paddle by Raging Stallion is a brutal, heavy little paddle that is used in BDSM impact play between consensual couples. This is definitely only for the experienced pain lovers as it can give a very hard, painful thud with little effort, caution should be taken. In the right hands this is a great paddle that leaves behind some very interesting tread marks on the recipient. While the shoe tread design is very comedic and makes for some interesting jokes and conversations involving boots to the ass, it is also a well made and comfortable to use paddle.

Obviously this paddle is designed to resemble the bottom of a boot in shape, and it does, even the main wood paddle is cut to resemble the bottom of a boot. The entire paddle is right at 15" in length making is easy to control when up close and personal such as having your partner laying across your lap. It is almost 4.5" wide at the widest part of the "boot" and right at 3" wide at the narrowest part. One side of this paddle is just your average flat surface wood, the other side has a hard rubber "boot sole" stitched to a thin, softer rubber pad which is adhered to the paddle by some very strong glue or epoxy. That sucker is on there good, I haven't found a single spot that seems to not be attached as well; it is definitely sturdy and not coming off any time soon. Though, because of the glue I'd be careful about using any kind of chemical when cleaning.The handle is also wooden and is 4.5" long and 1.5" wide with a thin piece of faux leather covering each side. These strips of faux leather are also glued in place which prevents them from slipping and keeps things from getting under them as well. There are also 4 small screws that are attached at each corner to reinforce and give the paddle an even more utilitarian look. At the end of the handle there is a hole with metal grommets on each side which has the wrist strap running through it. I'm going to venture a guess and say that the wrist strap is also made of some sort of rubber, and has a small plastic connector on the end holding it together.

I honestly wasn't expecting the quality of this paddle to be so high with I ordered it; I was getting it more for the fact that it was hilarious. But it is truly a well made, sturdy, heavy duty paddle that was an instant hit with my sadist boyfriend! I think this will be another one that's going to have to be hidden!

If you like a paddle that leaves lots of major marks and welts then this one is definitely the one for you! That is, of course, if you can get past its goofy appearance.

This is an easy paddle to clean should the need arise, being that it is wood and rubber. Simply wiping down with a damp cloth and maybe a small amount of soap if necessary. Then make sure to dry completely before putting this bad boy away. There is a handy wrist strap with which you can hang this from a hook or door knob to store it or it is small enough to easy slip into a drawer or storage box.

The packaging is very minimal. It was simply a clear plastic sleeve which you could you for storage to keep dust off of it, I personally tossed it. There is also a small tag attached to the wrist strap which has some basic information about the company and product materials.
Typical crops that are used in BDSM impact/spanking play are stingy but don't really leave marks, and are a good place for beginners to start out. This is not your typical crop though! The Narrow Tip Crop from Spartacus is very long, with lots of spring action to the cane portion, and a very narrow rubber slapper that does nothing to protect you from the severity of the cane. This is a crop that can be as severe as being hit by a cane, since that's essentially what it is, and it will leave bright red marks. It is great to use around the butt, thighs and legs being careful to avoid any vital areas such as kidneys as the rigidity of this and the severity could cause serious harm.

This crop is designed to really last, it is very well made and sturdy. It is made mostly of rubber with a thin leather slapper tip that is almost too small to be felt. This crop is over 36" total length, making it the longest crop I've ever played with, which also makes it very intimidating. The tip is about 3/4" wide at its widest point and narrows down to about 1/2" wide, very narrow. It is thick though in that the leather is doubled over and stitched together to give it a very firm feel with very little flexibility, making this tip almost as painful as the cane portion. The tip is held on by what appears to be about 6" of back wire wrapped tightly around the end of the cane, holding it firmly in place. the cane portion itself is made of a hard material that looks like plastic, but I'm going to assume it is a hard rubber as well as that's the only material actually listed for this item. The handle is a 6" long piece of the cane wrapped in a soft, smooth rubber grip that is very comfortable to hold during use. There is also a rubber wrist strap which is convenient for hanging the crop to store it as the length proves to be a storage challenge.

The materials are very easy to care for, the rubber can be cleaned with mild soap and a damp cloth, as can the leather tip, just be sure that it is thoroughly dried and left to hang to be sure it is completely dried before storing. A small amount of leather conditioner rubbed into the tip may help soften it a bit as well, though with the stitching I doubt it will soften up much!

This immediately became my Mister's favorite crop, he's quite the sadist. And has become the one I fear the most, don't get me wrong, I enjoy my pain with my pleasure but this really pushes my pain limits. Even with very little effort it will sting hard, and leave lovely red stripes across whatever part of the body you choose. This is not for beginners or those not into a good deal of pain, and should only be handled by those experienced with such tools as it could easily cause harm. However in the right hands it can bring intense pleasure as well.

If you're ready to really step up your play time this would be the crop for you! In the mean time I'm looking for a good place to hide it! He likes this one WAY too much! lol

Wild Things Wrist Cuffs

by Zado

The Zado wrist cuffs are very well made, genuine leather cuffs with buckle closure and short chain to connect them or attach them to something else. Beginner to experienced will love these! They are comfortable, sturdy, and stylish. Use them to restrain your partner's arms behind their back or attach them to the bed or other stationary item.

These could be worn around as part of an outfit if desired, they are certainly attractive enough with luxurious red suede on outside and plush leather on inside, and a sturdy black strap to buckle them with. Just be aware of how thick and heavy they are.

The Zado cuffs are made of high quality suede and leather and designed to hold up to even rough play while still looking beautifully stylish. The inside of the cuffs are a 10.5" X 2.25" piece of soft, padded black leather which is securely stitched to a luxurious, red strip of suede of the same size. The substantial strip of black leather that creates the buckle is about 13" X 1" and is attached with silver colored metal brads. The buckle and attached D-ring are also made of a decent quality metal as well as the included 9.25" long (from tip of one clasp to the other) chain with clasps at each end to attach them to the cuffs.

These are made to fit a very broad variety of wrists or even ankles. There are 6 prepunched holes to give a wide variety of size options, these would easily fit a very slender female wrist all the way up to a thick male wrist with the ability to add more holes if needed.

These are great cuffs! Easily the highest quality I've received from EF. They are very comfortable to wear, buckle securely and are aesthetically very pleasing. They held up well even when we got rough without coming unfastened or feeling like they would break. We tried them with my arms behind my back and then attached to hook above my head and eventually with the Leather Bondage Cross also from Zado (review to come) which is a "hogtie" cross. They held up well during everything and stayed in place perfectly.

The only thing I would complain about with this set is the included chain, its not the highest quality and may potentially break during play. But honestly, who's buying these for the chain?! A different chain, or rope or anything else you'd like could be used in place of this chain.

Obviously you wouldn't want to get these any wetter than necessary, spot cleaning if needed is all I would recommend. If more is needed I would advise getting some leather cleaner from your local tack or leather store.

I personally use the original packaging to store these in just to protect them from coming into contact with anything while in the toy chest, but they could be stored just laying flat in you're preferred stash spot if desired.

Studded Paddle 

by Spartacus

The Studded Paddle from Spartacus is a very sturdy leather paddle used for impact play (aka spanking). This devil is not only a very nice leather paddle on one side but is also a studded beast on the other! Paddles are a BDSM crowd favorite and this one can hang with the experienced groups. The leather side has an nice slapping effect and with the weight of the studs on the other side take little effort to be felt. This side will leave a lingering sting and a lovely red marks. The opposite side has raised metal studs all over it that have quite a bite to them! Oh but it's a lovely bite! While you'll still get the red marks with this side you'll also have a pattern of big white dots across the areas being spanked. The marks don't last terribly long, couple hours at best, but they are lovely while they are there.
studs side view
back of paddle
studded side
studded paddle marks

The paddle is made mostly of 2 panels of leather that are stitched together very nicely. There was one small flaw in the stitching on mine but it was where it ended and doesn't seem to affect the paddle in any way. There is a thin metal stabilizer between the 2 pieces of leather that helps keep it somewhat rigid and give it a nice springy slap. It is leather so it is obviously not a vegan friendly paddle... BUT I'm totally ok with that! It smells wonderful, and feels wonderful and is easy to care for.
closest thing to a flaw it had

Care for leather is simple, one big rule NO WATER!! Ok since that's understood you really shouldn't need to do much for cleaning it other than wiping it down with a clean rag after use. Should you need to clean something off of it though I advise buying something made for leather. If by chance it does get wet be sure to thoroughly dry it before putting it away as leather tends to mildew easily. Storage for it is easy. It can be put in a drawer with your other paddles, floggers and such, or hung by the handy strap on the handle. This is what I do, I keep my paddles and floggers hanging on the door in my bedroom, to keep them easily accessible.
Gated Barbed Wire Flogger
by Ruff Doggy Style
OK, I know everyone says this is not for beginners; I guess I'm the exception! The Gated Barb Wire Flogger is the first flogger used on me, and I LOVED it! I had built it up to be a lot worse in my head than what it actually is. It could be the skill of the person swinging it too, but it can be gentle and erotic or harsh and painful. A nice easy swing can create a dull thudding feeling, or it can be swung hard and leave marks and possibly even scratches.

It is a visually beautiful piece; I have it hanging from the wall in our room. The handle is red and black leather weaved around what feels like a heavy wooden dowel with wider pieces on the end covered in black leather. The entire handle is 9" long. Being that this is leather it does have a fairly strong smell, and it’s a wonderful smell! If you love leather, you'll love the way this flogger smells.
handle ends
handle 2
The falls are approximately 21" long and are a mix of 12 hard braided leather tails with about 6 - 2" barbs down the length of them and 36 soft suede tails that are 1cm wide.
leather barb
suede tails
flogger thickness
The barbs are hard leather and might cause scratches or at the least some lovely red marks so beginners be aware of this. But if you’re like me and have a high pain tolerance than this can be a wonderful introduction to flogging! And it’s great for advanced BDSM people too!
full flogger

Care and cleaning:
This flogger is leather which is very porous and not water friendly. I strongly advise that this isn't a toy to share as it’s not something that can be cleaned well. If the need arises I would suggest some leather specific products. Do not use regular soap and water on this! If it does get damp be sure it’s spread out flat somewhere to dry completely as leather will mildew easily if stored damp. I keep mine hanging on my closet door to prevent this, and it keeps it from getting tangled. Plus it looks so pretty hanging there!

This flogger came in a simple clear plastic sleeve that kept it straight, untangled, and clean. The sleeve, however, isn't practical to store it in as it would be next to impossible to get it back in there straight. The only other thing it had was a simple cardboard tag that had the name of the company and very minimal information on it.
front of tag
back of tag
As I stated, this was my first flogger, and it was amazing! He started of gently with nice hard "thud" type hits, which felt GREAT, and worked up to where he was using the ends in more of a stinging feel. Even when he worked up to where he was getting me to cry out it still didn't break skin, the barbs just aren't that hard. However, they do sting, and they leave some lovely red marks across my skin! This is a current favorite toy of ours! I LOVE the way it feels, and I'm starting to look into some others like the corset flogger by the same company, Ruff Doggy Style.