Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wild Things Wrist Cuffs

by Zado

The Zado wrist cuffs are very well made, genuine leather cuffs with buckle closure and short chain to connect them or attach them to something else. Beginner to experienced will love these! They are comfortable, sturdy, and stylish. Use them to restrain your partner's arms behind their back or attach them to the bed or other stationary item.

These could be worn around as part of an outfit if desired, they are certainly attractive enough with luxurious red suede on outside and plush leather on inside, and a sturdy black strap to buckle them with. Just be aware of how thick and heavy they are.

The Zado cuffs are made of high quality suede and leather and designed to hold up to even rough play while still looking beautifully stylish. The inside of the cuffs are a 10.5" X 2.25" piece of soft, padded black leather which is securely stitched to a luxurious, red strip of suede of the same size. The substantial strip of black leather that creates the buckle is about 13" X 1" and is attached with silver colored metal brads. The buckle and attached D-ring are also made of a decent quality metal as well as the included 9.25" long (from tip of one clasp to the other) chain with clasps at each end to attach them to the cuffs.

These are made to fit a very broad variety of wrists or even ankles. There are 6 prepunched holes to give a wide variety of size options, these would easily fit a very slender female wrist all the way up to a thick male wrist with the ability to add more holes if needed.

These are great cuffs! Easily the highest quality I've received from EF. They are very comfortable to wear, buckle securely and are aesthetically very pleasing. They held up well even when we got rough without coming unfastened or feeling like they would break. We tried them with my arms behind my back and then attached to hook above my head and eventually with the Leather Bondage Cross also from Zado (review to come) which is a "hogtie" cross. They held up well during everything and stayed in place perfectly.

The only thing I would complain about with this set is the included chain, its not the highest quality and may potentially break during play. But honestly, who's buying these for the chain?! A different chain, or rope or anything else you'd like could be used in place of this chain.

Obviously you wouldn't want to get these any wetter than necessary, spot cleaning if needed is all I would recommend. If more is needed I would advise getting some leather cleaner from your local tack or leather store.

I personally use the original packaging to store these in just to protect them from coming into contact with anything while in the toy chest, but they could be stored just laying flat in you're preferred stash spot if desired.

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