Sunday, April 28, 2013

Studded Paddle 

by Spartacus

The Studded Paddle from Spartacus is a very sturdy leather paddle used for impact play (aka spanking). This devil is not only a very nice leather paddle on one side but is also a studded beast on the other! Paddles are a BDSM crowd favorite and this one can hang with the experienced groups. The leather side has an nice slapping effect and with the weight of the studs on the other side take little effort to be felt. This side will leave a lingering sting and a lovely red marks. The opposite side has raised metal studs all over it that have quite a bite to them! Oh but it's a lovely bite! While you'll still get the red marks with this side you'll also have a pattern of big white dots across the areas being spanked. The marks don't last terribly long, couple hours at best, but they are lovely while they are there.
studs side view
back of paddle
studded side
studded paddle marks

The paddle is made mostly of 2 panels of leather that are stitched together very nicely. There was one small flaw in the stitching on mine but it was where it ended and doesn't seem to affect the paddle in any way. There is a thin metal stabilizer between the 2 pieces of leather that helps keep it somewhat rigid and give it a nice springy slap. It is leather so it is obviously not a vegan friendly paddle... BUT I'm totally ok with that! It smells wonderful, and feels wonderful and is easy to care for.
closest thing to a flaw it had

Care for leather is simple, one big rule NO WATER!! Ok since that's understood you really shouldn't need to do much for cleaning it other than wiping it down with a clean rag after use. Should you need to clean something off of it though I advise buying something made for leather. If by chance it does get wet be sure to thoroughly dry it before putting it away as leather tends to mildew easily. Storage for it is easy. It can be put in a drawer with your other paddles, floggers and such, or hung by the handy strap on the handle. This is what I do, I keep my paddles and floggers hanging on the door in my bedroom, to keep them easily accessible.

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