Sunday, April 28, 2013

Gated Barbed Wire Flogger
by Ruff Doggy Style
OK, I know everyone says this is not for beginners; I guess I'm the exception! The Gated Barb Wire Flogger is the first flogger used on me, and I LOVED it! I had built it up to be a lot worse in my head than what it actually is. It could be the skill of the person swinging it too, but it can be gentle and erotic or harsh and painful. A nice easy swing can create a dull thudding feeling, or it can be swung hard and leave marks and possibly even scratches.

It is a visually beautiful piece; I have it hanging from the wall in our room. The handle is red and black leather weaved around what feels like a heavy wooden dowel with wider pieces on the end covered in black leather. The entire handle is 9" long. Being that this is leather it does have a fairly strong smell, and it’s a wonderful smell! If you love leather, you'll love the way this flogger smells.
handle ends
handle 2
The falls are approximately 21" long and are a mix of 12 hard braided leather tails with about 6 - 2" barbs down the length of them and 36 soft suede tails that are 1cm wide.
leather barb
suede tails
flogger thickness
The barbs are hard leather and might cause scratches or at the least some lovely red marks so beginners be aware of this. But if you’re like me and have a high pain tolerance than this can be a wonderful introduction to flogging! And it’s great for advanced BDSM people too!
full flogger

Care and cleaning:
This flogger is leather which is very porous and not water friendly. I strongly advise that this isn't a toy to share as it’s not something that can be cleaned well. If the need arises I would suggest some leather specific products. Do not use regular soap and water on this! If it does get damp be sure it’s spread out flat somewhere to dry completely as leather will mildew easily if stored damp. I keep mine hanging on my closet door to prevent this, and it keeps it from getting tangled. Plus it looks so pretty hanging there!

This flogger came in a simple clear plastic sleeve that kept it straight, untangled, and clean. The sleeve, however, isn't practical to store it in as it would be next to impossible to get it back in there straight. The only other thing it had was a simple cardboard tag that had the name of the company and very minimal information on it.
front of tag
back of tag
As I stated, this was my first flogger, and it was amazing! He started of gently with nice hard "thud" type hits, which felt GREAT, and worked up to where he was using the ends in more of a stinging feel. Even when he worked up to where he was getting me to cry out it still didn't break skin, the barbs just aren't that hard. However, they do sting, and they leave some lovely red marks across my skin! This is a current favorite toy of ours! I LOVE the way it feels, and I'm starting to look into some others like the corset flogger by the same company, Ruff Doggy Style.

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