Sunday, April 28, 2013

Over The Knee Jackboot Paddle

by Raging Stallion

The Jackboot over the knee paddle by Raging Stallion is a brutal, heavy little paddle that is used in BDSM impact play between consensual couples. This is definitely only for the experienced pain lovers as it can give a very hard, painful thud with little effort, caution should be taken. In the right hands this is a great paddle that leaves behind some very interesting tread marks on the recipient. While the shoe tread design is very comedic and makes for some interesting jokes and conversations involving boots to the ass, it is also a well made and comfortable to use paddle.

Obviously this paddle is designed to resemble the bottom of a boot in shape, and it does, even the main wood paddle is cut to resemble the bottom of a boot. The entire paddle is right at 15" in length making is easy to control when up close and personal such as having your partner laying across your lap. It is almost 4.5" wide at the widest part of the "boot" and right at 3" wide at the narrowest part. One side of this paddle is just your average flat surface wood, the other side has a hard rubber "boot sole" stitched to a thin, softer rubber pad which is adhered to the paddle by some very strong glue or epoxy. That sucker is on there good, I haven't found a single spot that seems to not be attached as well; it is definitely sturdy and not coming off any time soon. Though, because of the glue I'd be careful about using any kind of chemical when cleaning.The handle is also wooden and is 4.5" long and 1.5" wide with a thin piece of faux leather covering each side. These strips of faux leather are also glued in place which prevents them from slipping and keeps things from getting under them as well. There are also 4 small screws that are attached at each corner to reinforce and give the paddle an even more utilitarian look. At the end of the handle there is a hole with metal grommets on each side which has the wrist strap running through it. I'm going to venture a guess and say that the wrist strap is also made of some sort of rubber, and has a small plastic connector on the end holding it together.

I honestly wasn't expecting the quality of this paddle to be so high with I ordered it; I was getting it more for the fact that it was hilarious. But it is truly a well made, sturdy, heavy duty paddle that was an instant hit with my sadist boyfriend! I think this will be another one that's going to have to be hidden!

If you like a paddle that leaves lots of major marks and welts then this one is definitely the one for you! That is, of course, if you can get past its goofy appearance.

This is an easy paddle to clean should the need arise, being that it is wood and rubber. Simply wiping down with a damp cloth and maybe a small amount of soap if necessary. Then make sure to dry completely before putting this bad boy away. There is a handy wrist strap with which you can hang this from a hook or door knob to store it or it is small enough to easy slip into a drawer or storage box.

The packaging is very minimal. It was simply a clear plastic sleeve which you could you for storage to keep dust off of it, I personally tossed it. There is also a small tag attached to the wrist strap which has some basic information about the company and product materials.

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